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Diverse Portfolio Showcase

Delve into a rich showcase that encapsulates our diverse portfolio, embodying case studies, portfolio companies, cherished clients, and envisioned use cases. This section serves as a testament to our expansive engagement across various domains, portraying the real-world impact and potential of the ventures we are involved in. As you traverse through our portfolio, you’ll witness the hallmark of innovative thinking, and the synergies formed when ambitious minds converge with Fountech's expertise in AI and deep tech realms.

Natural language processing or NLP that can be used to communicate between humans and mach


AI Development / Venture Building / Venture Capital

The Vanguard of NLP

Soffos simplifies the integration of Natural Language Processing (NLP) into your projects with a robust, low-code platform. With a rich set of NLP APIs, it's designed to enhance new or existing applications effortlessly. Whether you are a developer looking to elevate your applications or an executive aiming to boost corporate efficiency, Soffos is your go-to platform for seamless NLP integration. Discover how Soffos is rewriting the script on NLP, making it an attainable asset for every developer and a significant stride towards smarter, more intuitive applications.

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AI Development

AI Twinning
Automated Building Digitization

This initiative employs artificial intelligence to transform conventional floor plans into dynamic 3D digital twin models, significantly enhancing the domain of building management. The automated generation of these digital twins not only expedites design modifications but also simplifies room identification and management. Moreover, the technology optimizes device allocation within the buildings, thus promoting a streamlined operational workflow and fostering a seamless integration with various systems for comprehensive building management.

Smart city concept. Utilizing digital infrastructure to create efficient and sustainable s
Traffic Jam


AI Development / Venture Building / Venture Capital

A Collision-Free Future on the Road

AutoM8 is setting the pace in reducing road accidents and saving costs for insurance and fleet companies. With its state-of-the-art driver assistance systems and collision management solutions, AutoM8 provides a safety net on wheels. By harnessing the power of AI and advanced sensors, AutoM8 not only foresees potential road hazards but also adapts to driver behavior for a safer, smoother ride. Join us in driving towards a safer tomorrow, as we redefine vehicular safety, one intelligent decision at a time.

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AI Development

IoT Guardian
AI-Driven Cybersecurity Solution

This project envisions an advanced cybersecurity feature powered by AI to shield IoT devices from potential threats. By leveraging machine learning, the system autonomously monitors network activity, identifying and flagging suspicious behavior to prevent unauthorized access and mitigate risks. The solution seamlessly integrates with the existing infrastructure, offering real-time protection without hampering device functionality. With an admin portal for tailored security settings and robust anomaly detection methods, this initiative aims to significantly bolster the security framework surrounding IoT networks, ensuring a safer digital environment amidst the growing interconnectedness of modern-day devices.

Internet of Things (IOT) technology with AR (Augmented Reality) on VR dashboard.businessma
Macro photo of tooth wheel mechanism with ETHICS, HONESTY and INTEGRITY words imprinted on


AI Development / Co-Venturing

Nurturing Ethical AI Deployment

EthicGuard stands as a rigorous AI Ethics Audit Tool, diligently scrutinizing AI systems within various sectors for ethical adherence. Rooted in core principles like fairness and transparency, its mission is to usher these industries towards ethically sound AI deployments. Aligned with global ethics initiatives like the World Economic Forum's framework, EthicGuard transcends being merely a tool—it's a stride towards a harmonized ethical AI landscape, ensuring AI's transformative power is harnessed responsibly and beneficially across the board.


AI Development / Venture Building / Venture Capital

Your Digital Health Concierge

Spryt leverages the power of AI to streamline medical appointment bookings via WhatsApp. Our virtual receptionist, Asa, not only schedules appointments but optimizes attendance through personalized messaging. Experience healthcare access like never before, only with Spryt.

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Online Medical Consultant
_Right, wrong, it depends_ - wooden signpost, cloudy sky.jpg


AI Development / AGI Research / Venture Building

The Conscience of AI

Moralix is at the forefront of ethically aligned AI, offering an open-source, not-for-profit platform dedicated to embedding moral integrity into artificial intelligence. It stands as a guardian, assessing AI outputs against diverse human values and ethics. Designed for continuous learning and moral calibration, Moralix aims to ensure AI systems remain beneficial and trustworthy. Ideal for organizations and developers committed to responsible AI, Moralix offers the tools to infuse ethical considerations into AI development. Explore Moralix'pioneering approach to safeguarding humanity’s values in the digital realm, paving the way for AI that not only serves but respects the intricate tapestry of human morals.


AI Development / Venture Building

Interactive Engagement Revolutionizing Customer Interactions

Transform passive advertisement encounters into dynamic two-way conversations with our cutting-edge Conversational AI. This solution elevates interest in products or services to immediate engagement, offering incentives while mining valuable, actionable business intelligence. It pre-sells effectively, interacts via text or speech, and streamlines the sales process by providing leads. This AI fosters a personalized customer journey, overcoming the traditional one-sided nature of advertisements and enhancing ROI. Its innovative approach captures customer details and preferences, turning every ad encounter into a potential lead and providing insights that drive business growth.

Intelligent Digital Signage , Augmented reality marketing and face recognition concept. In
Fintech Investment Financial Internet Technology Concept. Light bulb on tablet and Stock g


AI Development / Co-Venturing

Automated Lending Pioneer, Advancing Credit Decisions with AI

Introducing an AI-powered loan approval system designed to redefine the unsecured lending landscape. Utilizing Deep Reinforcement Learning, this system accelerates loan approvals, enhances decision accuracy, and measures ROI from acquisition to repayment. With a continuous learning model, it offers a robust solution for financial institutions to make better, faster lending decisions, backed by comprehensive data analysis and an agile approach to evolving market needs. This innovation promises a smarter, more equitable lending process, ensuring financial opportunities are accessible and tailored to individual needs.


AI Development

Maritime Crew Optimizer Revolutionizing Crew Management

Dive into the future of maritime crew management with an AI-driven solution designed to transform the complex task of crew lineup into a streamlined, efficient process. This cutting-edge system harnesses machine learning to analyze vast data sets, making precise crew assignments that enhance operational efficiency and reduce costs. By automating the selection from a pool of thousands based on qualifications, experience, and availability, the system ensures the right fit for every voyage, improving performance and success rates. It's a game-changer for the maritime industry, setting sail towards a future where crew management is not just smart, but strategic.

Engineers pointing virtual interface panel of global logistics network distribution and tr
Girl ordering food with smartphone app in restaurant.jpg


AI Development / Venture Building / Venture Capital

Hospitality Marketing Transformed

Dinabite redefines marketing for the hospitality sector by combining AI-driven automation with an integrated platform that simplifies and streamlines every aspect of digital outreach. From social media management to reservations and special offers, Dinabite's innovative approach ensures your restaurant, bar, or hotel captures and engages more customers with less effort. Its generative AI crafts tailored content, while advanced learning algorithms refine strategies to maximize your marketing ROI. Embrace the future of hospitality marketing with Dinabite, where exceptional guest experiences begin with intelligent, personalized engagement.

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AI Development / Venture Building / Co-Venturing

Global GPU Network, Revolutionizing Machine Learning

The Global GPU Network is a trailblazing project designed to tackle the prohibitive costs of training large-scale machine learning models, a barrier often insurmountable for startups. By creating a cooperative network utilizing shared GPU resources worldwide, we're not just facilitating cost-effective machine learning training; we're pioneering a new era of community-driven, accessible AI development. This initiative goes beyond mere resource sharing—it's about establishing a collaborative supercomputing platform that empowers startups and innovators. Join us as we transform the AI landscape, making advanced machine learning an attainable reality for all, and driving forward the solutions to tomorrow's challenges.

Advanced High-Tech Concept_ Circuit Board CPU Processor Microchip Starting Artificial Inte
load old books in a digital library.jpg


AI Development / Venture Building / Co-Venturing

Living Books, Reimagining Literature for the Digital Age

Living Books stands at the cutting edge of digital literature, offering a groundbreaking platform that revitalizes the traditional concept of books. This inventive service allows authors to continually update and expand their published works, ensuring that each book is a living entity that evolves with time. For readers, Living Books transforms their shelves into dynamic hubs of ever-growing knowledge and storytelling. This platform not only bridges the gap between the timeless charm of reading and the perpetual advancement of information but also empowers authors to keep their work perpetually relevant and engaging. Embrace the future of reading with Living Books, where literature lives, grows, and breathes in the digital era, delivering an unparalleled reading experience that evolves with the readers' and authors' journey.

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