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AGI Research
Path to Artificial General Intelligence

Pioneering the Path to Artificial General Intelligence

At Fountech, we perceive Artificial Intelligence as a mathematical endeavor, keen on modeling every facet of intelligence. While appreciating the contributions of symbolic AI, deep learning, and neuro-symbolic integration, we envision a leap towards more elegant algorithms that transcend the data-hungry nature of deep learning. Our exploration is rooted in devising a foundational language, a blend of mathematics, logic, code, and natural language, facilitating efficient, lossless encoding and decoding of nearly anything. We're venturing into realms of multi-dimensional, dynamic graphs with combinatorial and topological integrity, seeking to decode the very essence of intelligence. Our quest for Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) entails not merely following the beaten path, but pioneering a journey into uncharted territories of intelligence modeling. Through our dedicated research, we aim to bridge the chasm between narrow AI and AGI, fostering self-learning systems capable of multi-dimensional reasoning. Our endeavors are more than a pursuit; they are a promise of unfolding the untapped potential that AGI can bring to the human realm. Explore with us the fascinating expedition towards modeling and inferring intelligence beyond the conventional paradigms, as we inch closer to the dawn of AGI.

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